The Most Common Ulcer Treatments

What exactly is in those prescriptions, and how difficult are they to take?

This is a question that most people don't ask and, and it really takes most people by surprise when they discover how many pills they have to take, and how often these pills need to be taken.

Most times this realization happens when a patient goes to pick up their prescription - and then it is too late!

Triple and Quadruple Therapy...just a couple of pills a day?

Don't be fooled! Ask questions first...

The reality of this hits home when your pharmacist explains how and when to take the assortment of drugs they just put together for you - this is usually amounts to 20+ pills a day!

We all have busy lives, and we know how difficult it is to stick to rigid treatment regimes. Some tablets have to be taken 3 times a day, others 4 times a day, some must be taken with's a lot for the average person to remember.

The best way to make sure these types of treatment are effective, is to ensure the full course of the treatment is completed. That means you will have to put up with all the known negative effects. 

Dosages you can expect in a typical prescription...

TRIPLE THERAPY (all 3 drugs need to be taken simultaneously)
Metronidazole (e.g. Flagyl) - 2 x 250mg - 3 times daily for 12 - 14 days
Amoxicillin - 3 x 250mg - 3 times daily for 12 - 14 days
Histamine H2-receptor - Full dose at bedtime daily for 6 - 10 weeks

QUADRUPLE THERAPY - Type A (all 4 drugs need to be taken simultaneously)
Bismuth subsalicylate - 2 x 262mg - 4 times daily for 14 days
Metronidazole (e.g. Flagyl) -  1 x 250mg - 3 to 4 times daily for 14 days
Tetracycline or amoxicillin - 250mg to 500mg - 4 times daily for 14 days
Histamine H2-receptor - Full dose at bedtime daily for 4 - 6 weeks

QUADRUPLE THERAPY - Type B (all 4 drugs need to be taken simultaneously)
Bismuth subsalicylate - 2 x 262mg - 4 times daily for 14 days
Tetracycline -  500mg - 4 times daily for 14 days
Clarithromycin (e.g. Biaxin) - 500mg - 3 times daily for 14 days
Histamine H2-receptor - Full dose at bedtime daily for 6 weeks

DUAL THERAPY (both drugs need to be taken simultaneously)
Esomeprazole (Nexium) - 20mg twice daily for 14 days
Amoxicillin - 500mg - 4 times daily for 14 days or...
Clarithrmycion (e.g. Biaxin) - 250mg to 500mg - 2 to 3 times daily for 14 days

All the Negative Side Effects you need to be aware of...

These are well documented and widely published negative effects that you need to be aware of BEFORE you take any of these treatments.

They include;

Joint pain, diarrhea, dizziness, fever, flu-like symptoms, stomach upset, low blood pressure, kidney damage, increased liver enzymes, mouth ulcers, nausea, light sensitivity, itching, rash, skin discoloration, hives, vomiting, heartburn, shortness of breath, blood disorders and loss of appetite.

Obviously these are worthy of concern, and you should know what to expect.

If you feel you will not be able to cope with any of these negative side effects, then we strongly urge you to keep reading....we want you to have the right knowledge so that you can make an educated decision on how you can claim back your good health, without any further stress or disappointments.

Here's a list of popular natural options....

If you have already been diagnosed with H. pylori then you may want to try these options. Sometimes big claims and promises are made. A word of advice - always ask for clinical tests and a money back guarantee BEFORE you decide to part with your money!

  •   Herbs - Without doubt, the best natural treatment we have found for stomach ulcers and H. pylori is one now being used by Doctors and other Health Care professionals around the world. Clinically tested and proven to be a very effective herbal treatment for stomach ulcers, it is proven to be over 98% effective in the treatment of H. pylori*, and without any negative side effects. This 100% natural treatment is an easy treatment to take, as opposed to the difficult treatment regime of Triple Therapy with it's many known negative effects.
  •   Ayurvedic medicine - widely practiced Holistic treatment in modern India and now steadily gaining popularity in the West. Ayurvedic medicine works on your diet, detoxification and purification techniques, herbal remedies, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and massage therapy.
  •   Acupuncture - tests on patients who have undergone acupuncture treatment for stomach ulcers show that acupuncture procedures can normalize certain processes of the gastro intestinal tract. There is not much evidence available to show exactly how effective acupuncture is as a treatment for stomach ulcers. Acupuncture is a painless treatment and involves the placing very thin metal needles into the skin at specific acupuncture points. The needles are usually left inserted for 15 - 30 minutes. Treatment normally involves multiple sessions over a period of weeks or months.
  •   Vitamins and Minerals - Zinc, vitamin A and beta-carotene will boost your stomach lining's ability to repair and regenerate itself. See more about vitamins in my recommended ulcer diet.
  •   Homeopathy - for a homeopath, the symptoms of the disease are much more important than the ulcer itself. A homeopath not only tries to heal the ulcer but also tries to treat the cause of the ulcer as well as the tendency for a relapse. Examples of homeopathic medicines used for stomach ulcers are argentum-nit, arsenic-alb, hydrastis, kali-bichrom, phosphorus, uranium-nit, terebintha, atropine, geranium, natrum-phos, medorrhinum, merc-cor, ornithogalum, lycopodium, pulsatilla and graphites.

Now that you have seen the options....

We fully understand that you may have already been trying to get rid of H. pylori infection and/or stomach ulcer, and that you may be visiting our site now because a treatment has failed, and that you are now hoping to find an alternative treatment that actually works.

FACT!  To be free from stomach ulcers, you have to be free from H. pylori

By now we hope you have probably figured out why most doctors are not telling you the real facts about Helicobacter Pylori infections, or about the limitations they are faced with as far as treatments go. We hope that this information is going to help you to avoid the disappointment of choosing any treatment that does not EFFECTIVELY treat the cause (Helicobacter pylori).

There is an easy way to treat the cause, but most doctors are still unaware of this!

In addition to the limitations most Doctors are faced with, they are generally unaware of alternative natural remedies, and may even pass unfair judgment on these even when they have no knowledge about the comparative safety or effectiveness of these remedies - when measured against the more toxic pharmaceutical options.

The fact is that you can now safely and effectively treat Helicobacter pylori with a clinically proven all-natural treatment which is proven to be over 98% effective*.

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If you don't want to take a chance on accepting any treatment that has a questionable failure rate, then we strongly urge you to keep reading.

Making a rash decision about your treatment could mean you stay sick for longer than you have to, plus having to endure weeks, or possibly months, of ongoing medication - plus all the harsh negative effects mentioned above.

REMEMBER! The main cause of all types of stomach ulcers is Helicobacter Pylori.

Start overcoming your ulcer condition today... without any risk to your health*, or to your finances!

Until our visitors eventually find their way here, most do not know that a safe, yet highly effective natural treatment for H. pylori is now freely available. To date this 100% natural treatment has been used successfully by over 35,000 happy customers since 2006 - with an astounding success rate of over 98%.

The best news is that this treatment has a money back guarantee* and it works without the negative effects* associated with chemical based treatments! This means that you can now be over 98% certain that you can get rid of H. pylori without any risk to your health - or your finances.

In addition, our Natural Health team also guarantees to provide you with unlimited and free support and advice - until you are well again.

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Our OVER 98% SUCCESS RATE explained....
Matula Tea™ is proven to be 100% effective against in clearing H. pylori infections - in over 98% of people who use it. This means that over 98% of people who used Matula Tea™ were clear of their H. pylori infection after just one 30 day course of treatment.* This is why we have the confidence in being able to offer you a Money Back Guarantee - and this is something you won't be offered elsewhere.

clinically proven

*Information Disclaimer: Please note that we cannot guarantee specific results as quoted in testimonials, or in any general claims made. Results are individual and can vary from person to person. For more information on our Money Back Guarantee please click here.

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