Conventional vs Natural Treatment

Natural alternatives can also be effective ....

Ulcer medications which make use of antibiotics and Proton pump inhibitors are becoming less effective as H. pylori slowly increases its resistance to these treatments. These days more and more people are turning to natural alternatives, mainly because they are considered to be free from negative effects. Some people even use Antacids in an attempt to avoid the more costly treatments...

Fact! Antacids cannot cure ulcers...

One of the first ulcer medications some people will try is an antacid. Most of us hope that this will treat any suspected ulcer and that an expensive trip to the doctor won't be necessary. This course of action is definitely not going to heal any ulcer.

The safer course of action is to see your doctor who will more than likely prescribe a Triple or Quadruple therapy - both of these aim at eradicating H. pylori - the main cause of stomach ulcers.

There is no doubt that widely used ulcer medications in this market, like Nexium, Prilosec, Zantac and Tagamet, all offer excellent relief of ulcer and heartburn symptoms to you.

For these therapies to work you have to take 3 or 4 different ulcer medications at the same time, usually over 20 pills per day! These therapies have a good chance of success if you can withstand the side effects.

If you can handle the negative effects you have an 80% chance of success. However, if you can't handle the negative effects, then you won't finish the full course of the treatment and obviously the treatment is going to fail.

In 2008, we heard from a visitor to our site that she had spent over $35,000USD (that's right, Thirty Five Thousand Dollars!!) over a period of 8 years and she just got sicker and sicker. We are happy to say that after following the advice given in The H. Pylori and Stomach Ulcer Report, she is now completely healed. 

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Acid Blockers - and the negative effects you should be aware of...

Acid Blockers are used in Quadruple therapy to protect the stomach lining against NSAID's - they work by reducing the amount of acid your stomach produces. Sounds like good logic, but watch out for these little known facts.

"By blocking or reducing the production of stomach acid.... you reduce the effectiveness of your digestive system"

Blocking or reducing the production of your stomach acid can actually worsen your existing condition. Normal levels of stomach acid are absolutely necessary to digest proteins properly and to allow your body to absorb vitamins and minerals.

When there is not enough stomach acid, proteins and vitamins from the food you eat cannot be absorbed properly, and this can leave you undernourished.

And if you are undernourished your immune system will break down, making you more susceptible to all sorts of diseases. Maintaining the correct level of stomach acid protects you by killing harmful fungi, bacteria, and viruses found in the food you are eating.

By blocking your stomach acid you are taking your natural defense systems down, leaving yourself wide open to all those harmful fungi, bacteria, and viruses!

The problem is that you may not even know that by upsetting your stomach acid levels and balances you become more susceptible to food poisoning, parasites, and other stomach problems, including peptic ulcers.

Natural Treatments - finding effective cures....

Most people know that natural remedies are safer and have fewer or no side effects, but the question of effectiveness is a concern for many.

Obviously you want to know that ANY treatment you are searching for is both safe - and effective!  This sounds easier than it really is, and here is why;

There are so many remedies available and so many promises are also made - and these can easily deceive you! Trying to sort the good from the bad is both difficult and time consuming. So you will need to spend time and exercise care before deciding which treatment will work best for you.

The reality is that this can be a fairly easy process - if you follow these three easy checks below with each treatment you consider. Regaining your health sooner becomes possible when you are able to quickly eliminate ineffective treatments based on these 3 checks.

Be careful not to waste your time (and money) by taking a chance on treatments that you have not checked out. Treatments that do not work pose further health risks by delaying the healing process.

Use this 3 point Checklist to find safe and effective treatments fast!

CHECK #1 - Look for a Guarantee, then testimonials and track records.

CHECK #2 - Make sure that the treatment will work without causing any negative effects.

CHECK #3 - Look for published clinical and scientific proof.

Overcoming Stomach Ulcers is simple... if you get the right treatment.

No matter what type of stomach ulcer you have, it will require some form of treatment, and obviously you hope and trust that your treatment is going to work for you.

Unfortunately you will need to do some homework to ensure this happens.

If you don't want to take a chance on accepting any treatment that even has the slightest chance of not working, then we strongly urge you to keep reading.... because we want you to have the real facts so you can make an educated decision about the treatment you choose to treat your ulcer with.

Everyone agrees that it makes sense to treat the cause, rather than to treat the symptoms. And you want to be able to treat the cause as comfortably as possible, without having to endure weeks, and possibly months, of ongoing medication - and the inevitable negative side effects.

REMEMBER! The main cause of all types of stomach ulcers is Helicobacter Pylori.

Until our visitors eventually find their way here, most do not know that a safe, yet highly effective natural treatment for H. pylori is now available. To date this all-natural treatment has been used successfully by over 35,000 happy customers since 2006 - with an astounding success rate of over 98%.*

Our OVER 98% SUCCESS RATE explained....
Matula Tea™ is proven to be 100% effective against in clearing H. pylori infections - in over 98% of people who use it. This means that over 98% of people who used Matula Tea™ were clear of their H. pylori infection after just one 30 day course of treatment.* This is why we have the confidence in being able to offer you a Money Back Guarantee - and this is something you won't be offered elsewhere.

Money Back Guarantee and No Negative Effects*

The best news is that this treatment has a money back guarantee* and it works without the negative effects* associated with chemical based treatments! Based on results since 2007, this means that you can now be over 98% certain* that you can be free from H. pylori without any risk to your health - or to your finances.

Over and above that our Natural Health team also provide support until you have regained your good health.

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clinically proven

*Information Disclaimer: Please note that we cannot guarantee specific results as quoted in testimonials, or in any general claims made. Results are individual and can vary from person to person. For more information on our Money Back Guarantee please click here.

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