Helicobacter Pylori

Conspiracy to delay the Truth?

The discovery which linked the H. pylori bacterium to stomach ulcers appears to highlight the methods big pharmaceutical companies used to manipulate the market to protect their shareholders. The following is a series of excerpts taken from various sources on the web. Is it all true? Well who knows - but it does make you think....and those 8 facts your doctor won't tell you about treating H. pylori infections may also raise some eyebrows...

Doctors took over 10 years to acknowledge H. pylori as the main cause of ulcers

Reports indicate that in 1984 there was a lot at stake for Glaxo Wellcome who manufactured both Zantac and Tagamet. These antacids were apparently prescribed by doctors for just about every ulcer case they came across.

The market for Zantac and Tagamet ran into more than a few hundred million dollars, understandably a market that Glaxo really wanted to protect. The discovery of Helicobacter Pylori at that time completely revolutionized the medical understanding of peptic ulcer disease, and suddenly millions of people should have been given hope.

By contrast this could well have been Glaxo's worst nightmare... the hope that millions of peptic ulcer sufferers should have been given, is widely reported to have been delayed by the doctors who were primed and educated over the years by the pharmaceutical companies selling antacids and acid blockers, but had not yet developed suitable drugs to treat H. pylori.

Doctors seemed to shun the idea that ulcers could be caused by Helicobacter Pylori bacterium and they were not keen to change from prescribing antacids.

Deeper research may prove this all wrong, but it does make interesting reading. Were the pharmaceutical companies simply profiteering - or was the 'no acid - no ulcer' mentality too tough a nut to crack? 

Will we ever know what they were really thinking?

Here is an interesting bit we found, again the validity of the information is questionable, but if it is true then it may help you understand how money driven some companies could be..!!

In 1994, the patent for Tagamet had run its course. That same year the NIH (National Institute of Health) acknowledged that H. pylori was a major factor in the development of ulcers. They also conceded that successfully treating the Helicobacter Pylori bacterium with the use of antibiotics could cure stomach ulcers.

Oddly enough, it was at this time that Zantac and Tagamet, which were two extremely lucrative prescription antacid/acid blockers prescribed for ulcers, were approved by the FDA to become available over the counter without a prescription.

So now, people who merely suspected they had an ulcer could easily experiment by buying these 'prescription drugs' off the shelf and self-treating themselves. In doing so they would continue to enrich the manufacturers of these drugs, while those very drugs may have done more harm than good.

It is also reported that this is clear evidence of how the pharmaceutical companies appear to control the FDA - clearly an unhealthy situation! This same control claim is echoed through many web sites, and if the sources are genuine then you can believe that the chain of control even extends into the main government of the country.

It certainly does seem odd to think how the health authorities had let Tagamet go to the full term of its patent while ulcer patients continued to suffer.

If this is true, then it makes their intentions look even worse, because they must have done this knowing that H. pylori had also been clearly indicated as a cause of gastric cancer.

In those 10 years, how many people died of gastric cancer caused by Helicobacter Pylori infections, while the drug companies continued to make millions of dollars selling antacids that they knew weren't working???

Doctors defied PROVEN findings... were drug companies to blame?

If you believe what you have already read above, then these findings below may come as no surprise. We have no idea how accurate the following information is. We just found it to be quite thought-provoking!!

Results from a US Center for Disease Control survey conducted in the mid 1990's showed that about 90% of doctors and gastroenterologists knew that Helicobacter Pylori was the primary cause of stomach ulcers.

They also knew that H. pylori was found in 50% of gastric cancer patients. But even with this knowledge, 50% of those doctors and 30% of those gastroenterologists ignored the facts and continued prescribing acid blockers like Zantac and Tagamet to new ulcer patients - without even testing for the presence of Helicobacter Pylori!

It appears that this is a very typical chain of events when new medical information becomes available - even with proof, most doctors seem to be over conservative and reluctant to move on from their old preconceived concepts of 'safe' treatment. Could it have anything to do with them not wanting to face possible lawsuits?

Or were these Doctors being 'educated' by the very companies who purported to have 'the only' treatment for stomach ulcers?

The 8 Facts that most Doctors won't ever disclose...

helicobacter tick Correct diagnosis is critical, and re-testing after treatment (to make sure the treatment has worked) is even more important. Yet patients are literally throwing their money away by paying for Blood tests that most Doctors insist on using to test for the presence of Helicobacter Pylori after treatment.

helicobacter tick  Most doctors simply have no options other than antibiotic treatments when it comes to prescribing treatments for H. pylori infections. The prescription will almost always be either a Triple or Quadruple Therapy.

helicobacter tick  The latest drugs being produced for the treatment of H. pylori are now being made more powerful in an attempt to be more effective - but sadly the negative side effects are not getting any better (negative side effects cause patients to abandon their treatment.)

helicobacter tick  Most Doctors spend more time treating the negative effects of Triple Therapy, than they do treating the original Helicobacter Pylori infection.

helicobacter tick  Helicobacter Pylori is becomingincreasingly resistant to antibiotic treatments.

helicobacter tick  Many patients have been on more than 4 courses of the same antibiotic treatment - yet they still suffer with stomach ulcers and H. pylori.

helicobacter tick  Each year nearly 6,000 people die of ulcer related complications in the USA alone.

helicobacter tick  65% of patients infected with Helicobacter Pylori are simultaneously infected with Candida Albicans, and they don't even know about it!

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