The Discovery of H. Pylori

The actual discovery of H. Pylori bacterium was no big deal. The greater part was the discovery of the link between H. Pylori and Stomach Ulcers, was the task of dispelling the old belief that excess acid and stress were the primary causes of stomach ulcers.

Stomach Ulcers are caused by H. Pylori - not Stress!

In 1982, two Australian scientists, Dr Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren discovered that stomach ulcers were actually caused by H. Pylori.

The New York Times published an article in 1984 by its medical correspondent Dr. Lawrence K. Altman on the link between H. Pylori and Peptic Ulcer disease. He stated in 2002, "I’ve never seen the medical community more defensive or more critical of a story", and he had been with the paper since 1969.

It took a total of 23 years for Dr Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren to convince the medical profession to acknowledge and embrace their breakthrough discovery, and they were eventually awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2005 for their work on H. Pylori.

Let's go back in time...

The story of Dr Barry Marshall and Dr Robin Warren started nearly 23 years before they won the Nobel Prize.

After years of intensive research, their discovery which established the link between an infection of H. Pylori bacterium and stomach ulcers, was finally made way back in 1982.

Supporting evidence of the link between the H. Pylori bacterium and stomach ulcers quickly strengthened over the next 10 years. Many studies from around the world also confirmed without any doubt that there was a presence of the H. Pylori bacterium in most people suffering from peptic ulcers.

The concept of stress and diet being the cause of peptic ulcers was so firmly entrenched in the medical professions mindset at the time, that they could not bring themselves to believe that a bacterium could possibly be the cause.

This newly discovered fact completely rocked common medical beliefs in those days. Nobody believed that H. Pylori could survive in the acidic environment of the stomach, because the stomach was supposed to be kept sterile by the natural presence of aggressive gastric juices (hydrochloric acid).

A leap of faith and courage

To disprove the belief that H. Pylori could not survive in the acidic environment of the stomach, Dr Barry Marshall performed an experiment on himself in July 1984 that for ethical reasons he could not ask any healthy person to do.

He was first checked for bacterial infection and tested negative. He then swallowed a 3 day culture of H. Pylori. As he expected, seven days later he started feeling sick with headaches, nausea, episodes of vomiting and really bad breath.

Although he didn't develop an ulcer, he did suffer from gastritis (stomach inflammation). After ten days, tests showed that the H. Pylori bacterium had established itself in Dr Marshall's stomach. After 2 weeks, Dr Marshall began taking an antibiotic and he was back to normal within twenty-four hours.

His bold experiment was a success as he had proved that a healthy person could easily be infected by H. Pylori.

10 years later...some acknowledgement is made

By the 1990's discussions had shifted from the question of whether H. Pylori causes peptic ulcers, to questions on how it causes ulcers and how it can be treated.

Thus, the theory of the unbelievers had been broken - they argued that people with ulcers had weak immune systems, and that H. Pylori was only effectively infecting people with ulcers because of their weakened immune systems. Haven't heard much from them since then...

Today there is absolutely no doubt that H. Pylori is the cause of 80% - 90% of all stomach ulcers. There is still a lot of discussion on whether it can be the sole cause or if it needs a sidekick, like stress or spicy foods.

The bottom line regarding the correlation between of H. Pylori and ulcers is most clearly shown in the recurrence rates after treatment. The ulcer recurrence rate at 1 year is about 10% if H. Pylori is treated successfully, and 50% - 60% if it is not . 

What other diseases is H. pylori bacterium linked to?

Recent studies show that apart from peptic ulcers, other diseases such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and even 50 % of new gastric cancer cases are linked to the presence of H. Pylori bacterium.

Another new discovery is that 65 - 70% of people infected with H. Pylori also suffer from Candida Overgrowth, the most probable cause being antibiotic treatments.

How can H. pylori bacterium be treated?

Unfortunately, the bacterium is not easy to treat. There is no single antibiotic that can do the job alone, so multiple antibiotics in conjunction with proton pump inhibitors (PPI's) such as Nexium and Prilosec, are being prescribed.

No matter what drug based treatment you have been prescribed - fact is that there will be a bunch of negative effects that patients have to contend with. Many people have such bad reactions that they are forced to stop their treatment prematurely.

You have to look at natural remedies if you want to avoid negative effects. Natural products are toxin free and known to be very gentle on your body.

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